About Us

We are Elaine & Stan Webb – we gave up professional careers in the UK in 2000 in order to enjoy a different way of life. We now spend much of the winter at this our home in the Algarve & enjoy creating new projects each year to make our home more enjoyable for both ourselves & for our guests. Many of our projects have been guest inspired & if you are interested you can see a list of our projects.

In recent years we have taken a special interest in making the villa one of the most accessible holiday villas in the Algarve, without compromising on luxury & comfort for all our guests.

We have also taken a keen interest in making the villa as environmentally friendly as possible, so that our guests need not compromise their own standards just because they are on holiday.

During the summer months we return to the UK where we run a splendid, elegant Georgian apartment in the very centre of Bath:


You can see some typical comments from our clients¬†on TripAdvisor but the general theme is that we try not to “oversell” what we offer in these pages & that Quinta dos Sonhos is definitely not “just another holiday villa”. We hope you are enjoying visiting our website & look forward to hearing from you perhaps….

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