Accessibility FAQs

For full details about our luxury villa in the Algarve, including photos, floor plans, prices & availability, click here. Below are answers to specific questions on accessibility:

Is the villa suitable for all types of disability

No. Quinta Dos Sonhos is a normal house which has been adapted in many respects to make accessibility easier for many types of disability. However only you can say whether the villa is suitable for you,  based on what you read here, on the website, & from responses  we are very happy to provide to your specific questions.

Is the villa suitable for an exclusively disabled party

No. We aim to provide accessibility for a range of disabled people who have the assistance of a carer or family member(s). If you have more than one disabled person in your party please discuss with us as not all rooms may be suitable.

How many rooms have accessibility features

We have just one bathroom that is adapted for disabled use (level access shower, shower/w.c chair, grab rails etc). Whilst any guest in any bedroom can access this bathroom (shown as Shower Room on the floor plan), the 3rd bedroom is physically closest. The 3rd bedroom also has:

  • twin beds, that can be moved for you;
  • 3 different exit doors (one with direct access to the pool terrace) allowing the shortest wheelchair routes.
  • large area of free floor space e.g. for turning, or for moving a bed hoist.

What can I assume about accessibility

We would prefer that you assume nothing. Generally however unless we state otherwise, assume a normal house with normal facilities. Be careful not to assume that we have features & facilities that you may have encountered elsewhere. If in doubt – please ask.

How do I access the pool/ how deep is the pool

The normal pool access is by steps in the corner of the shallow end. There is a firm handrail but you may need help to get in & out. Alternatively we provide a pool hoist. The hoist is operated by an assistant for entry & exit to the pool.

The water depth at the shallow end is 1m (3ft 6″) & is level across the width of the pool, & for about 2 m along its length

How do I access the jacuzzi

Wheelchair users can use the ramp to gain access to the turning deck which is designed such that the lip of the tub is level with a standard wheelchair seat. By sliding onto the lip of the tub & swinging legs over the tub can be then entered via 2 steps

Is there a level access shower

Yes – in the 3rd bathroom

Can you provide a shower chair/ a w.c chair/ a commode

Yes. The chair we have can be used or adapted for all three functions. It is provided on request free of charge.

Has the kitchen been designed or adapted for disabled use

No. The kitchen is modern & spacious but is not designed specifically for use by disabled people to (say) prepare meals or do the washing up.

Can you arrange wheelchair friendly car hire

Currently we don’t know of a car hire company in Portugal that hires adapted vehicles. Some of the solutions that have been adopted by our guests include:

Hire an estate car into which an electric wheelchair can be folded up. The disabled passenger has to be manoeuvred into the regular car seat however.

Hire a minibus size vehicle e.g. a Mercedes Vito & hire ramps to allow an electric wheelchair to be “driven” into the back. We can arrange this type of vehicle combination.

Travel down in your own vehicle – the drive from Santander (ferry to Plymouth) in northern Spain can be completed in a day (we can advise on routes etc).

Use a wheelchair friendly transfer just from/to the airport (which we can arrange).

Can you arrange hire of mobility aids

Yes we can arrange hire of most mobility items e.g. pushers, wheelchairs, electric scooters. Click on “Accessibility equipment hire” in the sidebar. Remember that we provide: pool hoist, shower chair/commode.

Is the casinha suitable for disabled use

Not really. Please check with us to discuss specific situation


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