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We are able to arrange quality and competitive car hire for our clients. Simply make a note of the model group & price of your choice & Contact us with this information together with your flight details & the name of your lead driver(s) & their age(s). We will make the booking for you.

Be sure you read ALL the terms relating to the hire before you ask us to book for you. We will assume you have done so.

01 Apr – 30 Jun + October 01 Jul – 30 Sep 01 Nov – 31 Mar
A Nissan Micra Opel Corsa Small 5 doors 4 139 EUR 179 EUR 99 EUR
B Peugot 107 Nissan Micra Small 5 doors – A/C 4 149 EUR 209 EUR 109 EUR
B1 Hyundai Getz Opel Corsa Economy 5 doors – A/C 5 164 EUR 221 EUR 125 EUR
C Ford Fiesta Renault Clio Economy A/C 5 179 EUR 232 EUR 135 EUR
D Peugot 206SW Economy Station A/C 5 215 EUR 281 EUR 169 EUR
E Ford Focus Renault Megane Compact Family A/C 5 232 EUR 332 EUR 187 EUR
G Renault Megane BreakOpel Astra Caravan Estate car A/C 5 275 EUR 382 EUR 229 EUR
F* Renault Traffic D Ford Transit D Minibus A/C 9 403 EUR 576 EUR 321 EUR
M* Renault Espace Cdi Ford Galaxy Tdi MPV A/C 7 521 EUR 665 EUR 410 EUR
V* Mercedes Vito Cdi Luxe Minibus A/C 9 551 EUR 710 EUR 440 EUR
I* Opel Corsa 1.2 Automatic – Economy A/C 5 240 EUR 312 EUR 198 EUR
J* Opel Astra 1.4 Automatic – Compact A/C 5 340 EUR 514 EUR 281 EUR
S* Renault Twingo Sunroof A/C 3 156 EUR 215 EUR Not Available
H* Peugot 207 CC Coupe Cabriolet A/C 2 365 EUR 504 EUR 284 EUR
K2* Renault Megane Coupe Cabriolet A/C 4 439 EUR 598 EUR 387 EUR
N* Suzuki Jimny 1.5 Ddis Jeep Hard Top A/C 4 310 EUR 453 EUR 265 EUR

Rates may change without notice. Prices applied are the ones valid on the first day of the rental, according to the tariff at the time of reservation.

Groups D and S just available in the Algarve. Rentals longer than 2 weeks – please enquire. Prices are for 7 days, extra days is 1/7th. Prices for 3 days are 50% of 7-day rate and extra day is 1/3rd.

Prices include: VAT, unlimited kms, comprehensive insurance (valid in Portugal only, not Spain) for the vehicle rented, except the liability (excess) of: EUR600 for groups A, B, B1, C,S; EUR1,200 for groups D, E, I, J; EUR1,800 for groups F, G, N; EUR2,500 for groups H, K2, M, V.

As an option it is possible to pay an extra daily insurance, Excess Waiver, of EUR8.50 for groups A, B, B1, C, S; EUR10 for groups D, E, I, J; EUR15 for groups F, G, N; EUR20 for groups H, K2, M, V.

Each Additional/Extra driver is EUR18 per rental. Occupants’ insurance (PAI) is optional at a daily charge of EUR4.50 for all occupants. Assistance/coverage to Spain by request is, per rental: EUR40 groups A, B, B1, C; EUR45 groups D, E, G, H, I, J, N, K2; EUR50 groups F, M, V. Baby seats cost EUR5 per day, maximum, EUR70 per rental.

Roof racks possible for some groups/vehicles at a daily charge of EUR6, minimum is EUR18, maximum EUR84 per rental. Young Driver Charge – 21 – 25 years old EUR4 daily.

Minimum driver’s age is 21 years old for groups A, B, B1, C, D, I, N, S; 23 years old for groups E, F, G, H, J; 25 years for groups K2, M, V. All with one year’s driving licence. There is no upper age limit.

Delivery/collection at Faro airport is free between the hours of 07.00 and 24.00. Between midnight and 7am there is a surcharge of EUR25.00 Delivery/collection to local accommodation is free between 09.30 to 12.30 and again from 15.00 to 18.30.

Delivery/collection to Lisbon and Porto airports is available with a surcharge of EUR25 and the above rental prices are increased by 10%. Domestic One Way Rentals: Algarve-Faro/Lisbon/Algarve-Faro EUR50. Algarve-Faro/Porto/Algarve-Faro EUR100. Lisbon/Porto/Lisbon EUR50.

International One Way Rentals are not available. All extras/options available by request. Other situations considered – ask for details.



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