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Frequently asked questions

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Can you provide a travel cot & high chair

We have two travel cots & 2 clip on high chairs which are available free-of-charge. We request that you bring you own linen for the cot(s). Please tell us that you will need them & they will be put up for you. The master bedroom the twin room & the casinha have sufficient room for a cot.

How warm is the pool/jacuzzi

Pools in Portugal can often be surprisingly cool, even in warm weather. This is because of the coastal Atlantic breezes which, although helping you to keep you from getting too hot, also suck heat out of swimming pools.

We offer one of the most environmentally friendly pool heating systems which, for most of the summer, uses only a tiny amount of energy to heat the pool by solar energy, designed & built by ourselves. When used in conjunction with our pool cover temperatures in the range 26 – 31C (79 – 88F) are usual during the period June – September.

We also provide some supplementary heating overnight when needed (usually late summer/autumn) using a highly efficient air source heat pump. We provide this level of heating free of charge (2013 only).

2014: If you require a higher temperature than our solar system provides, then we can offer 2 levels of supplementary heating, at extra charge:

  1. Overnight – 11pm til 9am using off peak electricity chargeable at £5 per night;
  2. 24hr heating chargeable at £15 per day.

there is no “markup” on these prices, this is what it costs in electricity only.

Is the air conditioning free? Which rooms have aircon

All main rooms in the villa have air conditioning, each room being individually controllable. (n.b. the 4th bedroom, hallways & bathrooms do not have air conditioning). This facility is offered free of charge but we make some restrictions on operation of the units, not to cause inconvenience but to prevent inadvertent misuse. Specifically:

  • Room units will not operate when adjacent outside doors/windows are left open;
  • All units are disabled when the villa is empty.

How far is the villa from the nearest beach

The nearest beach is Meia Praia – 2 miles of sand. About 15 mins by car. There are dozens of beaches with a 45min radius. Go to Details > Western Algarve for more details

How far is the villa from the nearest shops

The nearest shops are in Mexilhoeira Grande, our local village – 5 mins by car, 15 – 20 if you walk. The supermarket caters for all day to day needs. The nearest hypermarket is 10min by car.

How far is the villa from the airport

From Faro airport 45 min by car. See More >> About flights for details of other airports.

Do I need a car at Quinta dos Sonhos

Most people hire a car, some bring their own. A car gives you transport to/from the airport, shops & supermarkets, beaches, resorts, restaurants, scenic routes & other places holidaymakers like to visit.

It is possible to satisfy daily needs in our local village (small supermarkets, a few village bars & restaurants) 15mins walk away but all other journeys would be by public transport (there is no “taxi rank”).

For disabled or wheelchair dependent guests a car is essential. The lane linking the villa to the main road is totally non-wheelchair negotiable.


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