Flight information

This page tells you about the many ways you can travel to the villa from U.K. We try & keep it up-to-date but things change constantly so please – use it as a starting point rather than a comprehensive guide.

Airports in Portugal/Spain

The main airport in Portugal for the Algarve is Faro. The flight time is around 2.5 hrs from the UK. Allow another hour to collect baggage, clear customs, & collect your hire car. From leaving the airport allow 45min – 1hr for the car journey to the villa.

Lisbon is an alternative which involves a longer drive to the villa but is often a cheaper alternative & can therefore be attractive if you have a large party. The flight time is slightly less than to Faro but the journey by car is about 2.5hrs (by motorways) to the villa. There is also a toll (about £10 each way) on the motorway.

Seville (Spain) is sometimes even cheaper. The flight time is the same as Faro, the journey time by car is 2-2.5hrs (less than Lisbon) & there are fewer motorway tolls and there are no customs or border control between Spain & Portugal. It is a relatively new destination for some carriers & hence the costs are lower. If you do chose to fly to Seville, make sure that your hire car has insurance for taking it into Portugal.

Flight Operators

Fortunately all the low cost airlines operate to Portugal and/or Spain as well as many charter firms. These are the main routes we are aware of:

Destination Airport UK airport Carrier
Faro Heathrow
Faro Gatwick
Faro Luton, Stanstead, Gatwick, Bristol, East Midlands Easyjet
Faro East Midlands ,Easyjet
Faro Dublin Ryanair
Faro Leeds/Bradford Jet2
Faro Gatwick, Luton, Manchester Monarch Scheduled
Faro Bournemouth Palmair
Faro Bournemouth, Coventry, Doncaster. Also charter flights (Bristol, Gatwick, Manchester, Luton) Thomson
Lisbon Stanstead, Luton Easyjet
Seville Stanstead Luton Easyjet
Seville Heathrow
Seville Gatwick

Best deals?

You can book cheaper online with all these carriers however getting the “best” price is a bit of a lottery. Our guide to shading the odds in your favour:

1. Book your holiday as far in advance as possible especially for peak holiday season flights. We have so many would-be clients who leave their holiday arrangements until a month or two before, sometimes hoping to get cheaper deals only to find that flight prices have become ridiculously expensive.

2. Use a special flight selector engine such as or . These sites will allow you to put a selection of departure airport/arrival airport/ start date/duration options in & will list you all the low cost carrier flights that meet your criteria. You CANT usually do this on the carrier’s own site, they force you to select one option at a time, presumably to stop you understanding what their game is. Once you’ve found some flights you’re interested in then check them with the airline’s own website as the search engine data is often wrong (both high & low).

3. This is just a suspicion but……we have often found that we check a flight price only to return next day, or even a few minutes later, to find that the flight price has changed (always upwards!). This may be a normal phenomenon but, if you have 2 computers its not a bad idea to do your recceing on one, & place you booking through the second (in case your 1st enquiry has been “remembered”!

The charter carriers.

These carriers have lost ground to the low cost airlines in recent years, although they are still worth looking at especially if price is the key factor. One disadvantage with charter flights is that the flight times you are offered when you book often change radically the closer you get to your holiday date – this is because, early in the season all charter flights are “virtual” & only become a reality when sufficient seats have been booked. This means you flight may be “consolidated” with another flight, hence changing you schedule completely. You also have the inconvenience of having to “confirm your flight” for your return journey which is usually the last thing you wan to think about on your holiday.


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