Weather in the Algarve

Summer Weather

Weather in the Algarve is characterized by unbroken sunshine & high temperatures, moderated by Atlantic breezes. July & August are the hottest but June has just as many hours of sunshine, almost no rain, and is slightly less hot. September is also hot, has just 2 days of rain per month on average but has slightly shorter daylight hours.

Spring & Autumn weather

On average the Algarve weather for May & October is better than English summer weather – similar daily temperatures but a lot more hours of sunshine, less rain & fewer wet days.


Rainfall in the Algarve has a different pattern to that in the UK. When it rains – it rains! The Algarve does not tend to get the long miserable days that characterize wet weather in the UK. Downpours are heavy when they occur, but are over more quickly & happen a lot less often!


These comments are based on our experience over 20 years visiting the Algarve. They represent therefore the “average”. We do not guarantee the weather!

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